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Exhibitor Rules 2022

General Rules

If any exhibitor shall, in the opinion of the Show Committee, infringe any of the Rules and Regulations of this Show, he shall be liable to forfeit all claims to any prize which may have been awarded to him, or he may otherwise be dealt with as the Committee in their absolute discretion may think fit.

Neither the Tockwith and District Agricultural Society Limited nor any of its trustees, directors, members or any relevant landowners accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss, damage or injury howsoever or whatsoever arising as a result of attendance at this event.

In the event of a complaint in writing being lodged with the Secretary against an exhibitor or competitor, the person complaining shall at the time deposit £20, which shall be forfeited should the complaint not be sustained or refunded if the complaint is sustained.

The Judge shall have the power of withholding or reducing the value of the prize where exhibits are considered unworthy of the prize offered.

Only two prizes to be given for under four judged entries in any class.

No person except the Judge or other Authorized Officials shall be allowed to remain in the Marquees during judging.

The Judge’s decision is final.

All classes open except where otherwise stated.

The Committee reserve the right to accept or refuse any trade stand at their discretion.

These rules and also those given under respective classes must be strictly adhered to, and each entry implies acceptance of the Rules.

All competitors and exhibitors of livestock, including horses, must have their own Public Liability Insurance

No persons other than Officials or Competitors are allowed in the Ring or Collecting Ring.

Except where otherwise stated, all trophies are perpetual and cannot be won outright and will be held until the date of the next show, unless recalled earlier by the Society. They must be returned by 10am on the morning of the show in a sound clean condition.

Competitors are reminded that it is their responsibility to insure against damage caused by their animals. The Committee are not responsible for the medical condition of any animal entered by any exhibitor which might be contagious, that causes loss or damage to other animals. All exhibitors of animals are expected to comply with the specific rules relating to their breed of animal (these are listed separately within the Schedule).

In the event of unfavourable weather or some other unusual circumstance the Committee are empowered to cancel the Show and will not hold themselves responsible for any expenses, except entry fees, which might be incurred by any competitor, who should make a claim to the Secretary via SAE. Trophies available from 3.30pm.


All stock and farm produce to be on the field half an hour prior to judging.

No livestock or farm produce entries to be moved off the showground before 4.00pm.


All exhibits must be staged by 10.30am. Children’s Section exhibits must be staged by 10am. All specimens, where possible, shall be correctly named.

No exhibits to be removed before 4.30pm.

All entry forms, together with entry fees, must be forwarded to the Section Senior Steward by the closing date published in this Schedule.

All specimens (except Floral Effect Classes) must be the bona fide property of the Exhibitor and have been cultivated by him/her, on his/her land, or on land rented by him/her. Such exhibits must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for at least three months prior to the Show. In the event of a complaint being lodged with the Secretary, the Committee shall have the power to inspect the garden of the exhibitor in question.

Exhibitors may only exhibit one entry per class in the Horticultural and Produce & Preserves Classes. All exhibits in the Open Crafts and Children’s Section must be the exhibitors own work and not to have been exhibited at any previous Tockwith Show.


The Tockwith and District Show Society is committed to maintaining safety standards and reducing risk to those acting for the Society, exhibitors, traders and members of the public.

The full policy is available for inspection in the Secretary’s marquee on the Show Day

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  • 73rd Tockwith & District Agricultural and Horticultural Show
    07 Aug 2022

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