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Tockwith & District Agricultural Society Ltd
OFFICERS, 2016/17

Mr Richard Search

President Elect
Mrs Fiona Harris

Vice Presidents
Mr E Alton, Mr S Oldfield, Mr S Shuttleworth.

Honorary Vice Presidents
: R Blacker, B Fox, T Gill, D Padget, J Platts, P Phillips,
G Wilson, Col E York, S Raisbeck.
Mesdames: A Handley, A Hourihan, J Mecrow, B Otley
J Waller, L Raisbeck.

Mr Sam Blacker & Mr Mike Tham

Vice Chairman
Mr Allan Robinson

Honorary Secretary
Mr Steve Ross


Trade Stands Secretary
Catering Secretary
Michelle Lee
Friends Secretary
Norman Waller
Mr Malcolm Barrett

Mr M Taylor, Mr S Ross, Mr M Tham, Mr A Robinson, Mrs J Nottingham, Mr M Barrett, Mr S Blacker, Mrs J Burnell, Mrs M Atkinson

Council Members
:A Alton, A Barber, I Barker, E Bird, W Bowyer, D Burnell, G Burnell, J Deighton,
P Dodgson, B Ellis, D Hannington, E Hope, T Hildreth, P Hughes, C Nottingham, P Robinson, M Slinger, P Young

Mesdames:M Atkinson, C Barber, K Barker, A Barnes, J Burnell, J Bye, L Chasney, J Davey,
L Hannington, SA Hannington, F Harris, J Holmes, H Hopper, M Lee, A Ross, J Slinger
J Walker, S Walker, G Watson, H Wilson, M Young,

Trophy Steward
Mrs Jo Nottingham

Mrs C Barber

Honorary Legal Advisor
Mr P Robinson

Honorary Accountants
Peter Howard & Co. Ltd

Honorary Veterinary Surgeons
Parkhill Vets, Wetherby

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