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2019 Childrens Poetry Competition

2019  Schools Poetry Competition – Theme “How Did You Get Here”

The overall winning poem was by Emma Butterworth of Tockwith Primary Academy

How did you get here?

I left what I called home,
I had to move,
Somewhere far from there,
So I’d be safe from the bombs that scared the families cuddled up together,
Hoping they’d stay there forever,
How did I get here?

No one to see,
No one to love,
I didn’t want to go,
How did I get here?

I never knew where to go,
Sadly, I had to leave,
The land I used to know,
How did I get here?

I wanted to know:
Who was I?
But people didn’t love me,
The way I wanted to be,
They told me I wasn’t good enough,
But surely,
My dream is my dream,
And their dream is their dream,
How did I get here?

Until now,
I thought I was nobody,
But I knew that I would be my own person,
Now I know how I got here.

Charlotte Green our judge remarked
“A powerful poem for our times, giving a voice to the voiceless.”

2018  Schools Poetry Competition – Theme “The Night Before”

The overall winning poem:

The night before the rose shone 

Yesterday I saw a rose, its blossom shined in the moonlight.
Yesterday its beauty shone like diamonds in the glittering sun.
Yesterday the beloved blossom reflected in the lake.
Today it is beginning to fade under the hot, baking sun.
Today it looks grey and wrinkled like an old rhinoceros in the moonlight.
Today its petals are floating on the lake like an old toy boat.

Written by Wilfred Lee, Green Hammerton C of E Primary School.

Comments from the judge Ms Charlotte Green:

“I was very impressed with the overall standard! The winner’s poem was fantastic with a brilliant concept matched with powerful structure. Very well done!”

All poems will be displayed in the children’s tent on show day.

2017  Schools Poetry Competition

The overall winner was Abby from Year 5, St Mary’s CE Primary School, Askham Richard. 

The Best of Yorkshire

Yorkshire, what an amazing place
It always puts a smile on my face
There are lots of things to see and do
Especially when the sky is blue. 

The beaches and the sandy shores
Not forgetting the Yorkshire Moors
Museums, shops, castles and more
There is always somewhere to explore.

Yorkshire puds and Yorkshire tea
They both taste great to me
Betty’s Tearoom, cakes galore
You will always come back for more. 

York Minster, castles standing tall
Fountains Abbey and York walls
Things to climb and much to see
Yorkshire is the best for me.

2016 Schools Poetry Competition

The overall winner of the local schools poetry competition (Year 5’s) was Jessica Wakelin, from Tockwith C of E primary school.

“The View from the International Space Station”

Nothing is around me

As I look up in the midnight sky

Lots of lights I can see

But nothing is around me.

As shooting stars fly past

I do not feel like I am going fast

Clouds like candyfloss I can see

But nothing is around me.


The O-zone layer protects the Earth being kind

Sometimes for me it is easy to find

The shimmering sea I can see

But nothing is around me.”

The judge’s comments:

“This poem describes the feeling of being high above the Earth and being able to see lights, clouds and seas. The repetition of the last line of each verse emphasises the emptiness of space.  I enjoyed the use of a simile to describe the clouds being like candy floss and that the Ozone layer is protecting the Earth.  A very good poem, well done”    Judge: Mrs J Tinkler






Daddy, daddy it’s great fun

Over here the war has ended

When will you come home?

It’s different without you,

It’s not the same,

Where are you? What are you doing ?


Daddy, daddy please come home

All the family are missing you.

The whole world is having a party

There’s food and everything

But the thing I want the most is

For you to come home.


Daddy, daddy when will you come home

The war ended ages ago

Everybody’s happy and celebrating

Daddy, daddy when will you come home?

Nothing is the same without you.

                                             By Carrie, Long Marston

The judge (Mrs J Tinkler) commented as follows:

“This is a very moving poem.  Carrie has written about the happiness people felt at the end of the war and the parties held to celebrate but she also writes about the sadness she feels because her father hasn’t come home yet.  I loved her repetition of the question to her father ‘when will you come home?’ “

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