The Greatest Small Show In Yorkshire!

Steve Ross

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These photographs were taken by Steve Ross.

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2011 - Steve Ross

[img src=]170Best Horticultural Exhibit: Richard Bull
[img src=]190Best in Farmers' Market: Voakes Pies
[img src=]150Best in Working Crafts: Mrs. J. M. Barrett, wool felting
[img src=]140Best Novelty Cake: Amanda Shackell
[img src=]140Best Trade Stand: Peter Walker
[img src=]1903
[img src=]3304
[img src=]1901
[img src=]1505
[img src=]1102
[img src=]11010
[img src=]13011
[img src=]10012
[img src=]1106
[img src=]1207
[img src=]1308
[img src=]1509