The Greatest Small Show In Yorkshire!

Offas’s Dyke Day 7

A very pleasant evening meal in the Horse & Jockey Knighton was followed by a few games of pool and some tracks from the juke box. The next day found us facing what everyone was telling us was the hardest section of the walk. 16 miles to Brompton crossroads with nothing particular high to climb but lots of short sharp climbs and descents. This stage also contains the half way point of the whole walk. This turned out to be probably the hardest days walking that I have ever done. The fact the Sam was on his hands and knees at one point just shows how steep the climbs were. Thankfully we had heeded everyones advice and taken extra water as temperatures reached 24c by mid afternoon. We arrived at the crossroads 7 hours after starting and were met by our taxi to take us to Montgomery and the Dragon Hotel. A very old building but friendly staff, good food and nice beers.